Doors That Can Handle Sea Level Conditions

A door can be affected by climates and regions also. Some doors were not made to handle humidity while others can withstand the dampness without changing form.

Wooden doors can be easily deformed in moist weather conditions. Wood is a natural element of the earth and without some kind of element added to the wood it could warp and change shape. The process of changing the wood’s make up involves adding a certain percentage of veneer or finish to protect the natural content.

If you ever notice that your wooden door has grown slightly bigger and doesn’t close easily, it’s because it has been in contact with liquid too often. Drying the wood is possible but you will require a completely dry area.

Doors made in the modern era have been made with an insulation that prevents wood from absorbing moisture which causes rotting. Most wooden doors do better in dryer climates rather than sea level regions where swelling of wood is common.

Steel doors work for climates that have bad weather conditions such as regular thunderstorms or strong winds. The surface of steel doors is often coated with a protective layer that can withstand moisture, however high heat or direct sunlight can cause the door to get extremely hot as steel is a conductor of heat.

Aluminium doors are the strongest in the industry. Of course, they have been mixed with an alloy to withstand strength of the wind. They also never rust because of the metallic properties aluminium has. Aluminium doors are similar to those that are made of steel but differ when it comes its strength.

Fibreglass doors are the best for humid conditions. Fibreglass doors can be made to look like natural materials without maintaining the product too much. The only downside to these doors is that they are expensive and if they ever need to be maintained, they require a specialist.

In conclusion, the best type of door to get for sea level conditions would be a steel, aluminium or fibreglass door. These three don’t swell or get damaged so easily when they are exposed to moist conditions. Wooden doors can be used for coastal areas but need to be made by a custom door manufacturer. The manufacturer will be able to add chemical coatings that will repel liquids and humidity so that your door will last longer and still look brand new for years to come.