The Pros and Cons of Automated Doors

Automated doors can be a wonderful feature in your house. Nowadays, not only shopping centres have them but also many houses. There are pros and cons of this specific feature that everyone has to consider before getting one installed.


The automated doors will open if you are carrying shopping bags in both hands. Like some cars that allow a sensor to close the boot when your arms are full, the automated door is basically the same. Going in and out of your home has never been easier.

It won’t randomly open because of the wind. Wind does not have a physical appearance or weight so the automated door won’t open if a little pressure is applied to the glass. In addition, the door would remain clean since no one is touching the glass or any handles. The only time you would need to clean the glass is when they start to get visibly dusty.


The downside to having a sensor open your doors is that you would need permission or an unlocking system so that not everyone can enter your home. You would also need to reach for your keys to open the door which results in having to put your shopping bags down.

If a power failure were to happen you would need a system that allows you to open and close the door manually. In shopping centres the door would just be left open in power failure cases. However, if it has been installed in a residential property, safety is a main priority.

Walking past the automated feature to get to the next room might become a problem. You would need to disengage the sensor so that every time you walk past it won’t open unnecessarily.

Having this kind of door in your home can also become a very expensive feature. Not only does it use electricity but setting up the whole system will cost a lot of money. With running electricity costs, in the long run it could be costly venture.

Interesting front doors attract people to your home and it makes for a great topic of conversation amongst your guests. Automated doors are made to be strong in order to withstand most weather conditions and trespassers. If you want an automated door installed make sure that the surface is made completely out of wood for better strength against any forces. It will also limit people from seeing directly into your home.