The Most Contaminated Places In Your Home

In every home, some places are more contaminated than others. So, It makes sense to reduce contamination in these areas. Since every home is different, the types of bacteria in each house are also different just like a signature or fingerprint. Therefore, experts tell us that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. In this article, we are going to talk about the most common places in your house that are the most contaminated.


If your kitchen has poor ventilation, this room may have more pollutants than the rest of the rooms. Some of the most common pollutants include fungi and bacteria. By cleaning these rooms frequently, you can improve the air quality.

Also, you may want to wash dishes as soon as you can. Apart from this, you should use a disinfectant for cleaning the most commonly used surfaces. The idea is to prevent microorganisms from growing or they may end up contaminating your food.

If you cook more frequently, know that the number of contaminants will be even higher. Therefore, more frequent cleaning is required to maintain a contaminant-free environment.

Laundry Areas

If you use a dryer to dry your clothes, it may increase the humidity level in your rooms. So, the ideal solution is to go for proper ventilation by opening up windows. If you also store garbage in the laundry area, make sure you put all the trash in trash cans and keep the lids on.


If your bathroom is not properly ventilated and you have no exhaust system, know that this room may be more prone to the growth of fungi and bacteria. So, what you need to do is clean the bathroom using a good disinfectant and keep the environment dry at all times.

Since bathroom floors remain wet almost all day long, mold growth can be a big problem. So, you should disinfect the area at least once per week.

Other rooms

If you have a lot of porous materials in your living rooms like pillows, curtains and carpets, chances are that you have a lot of contaminants in these rooms. So, what you need to do is have fewer of these items and wash them more often.

Usually, cabinets offer the best places for the growth of mites, bacteria and mold. Therefore, they must be sanitized and ventilated more often.


In every office, there is a lot of stuff, such as printers, fax machines and tables. These things may emit irritating gases. Therefore, it’s important to ventilate every office room, especially the room that has a lot of appliances in it.

The most common types of pollutants are the ones that result from tiny organisms like fungi, bacteria and mold. They are found on the following things:

  • Printers
  • Fax Machines
  • New Carpets

Apart from this, these pollutants may include particles that may come from wood stoves, fireplaces and other things.

Your airway may get inflamed and allergic in response to exposure to these elements. You may also suffer from other severe reactions like infections and cardiovascular diseases. So, you can use a good air purifier to filter out these contaminants and pollutants.

In short, you can use a good air purifier to get your indoor air purified by filtering out common contaminants.