Six Perks of Vinyl Siding

Most home and business owners are attracted to wood, metal, brick, or vinyl exterior finishes for their beauty. However, some may not realize all of the additional perks associated with vinyl siding. This construction material offers added style and durability, making it a more versatile option.

Attractive Finishes

Siding comes in a huge selection of colors and textures, and there is a design suitable for almost any architectural style. Color combinations can be chosen to frame doors, windows, and entryways, creating a more finished look. A builder can even mimic the look of stone, brick, or wood at a lower price. Better siding products have a broader color palate and stiffer profiles.


Siding is one of the most durable finishes available. It will withstand rotting, and it also deters pests such as termites. It never needs to be painted, and it can withstand high temperatures. This finish can also be used in a wide range of climates because it has a remarkable ability to handle strong winds and rain, in addition to extreme weather changes. The panels fit together tightly and interlock, which prevents leakage in insulation. Also, since it is made of plastic, vinyl will not rust or stain. It protects against mold and water damage, as well as any long-term sun exposure.


Vinyl can be one of the easiest materials to repair. Instead of having to replace an entire wall, a builder or the homeowner can easily replace only the damaged area. Since fewer materials are needed, in addition to less labor, this saves both time and money.

Easy Maintenance

This product doesn’t require much maintenance at all. A gentle cleaning once a year with a brush, water hose, and cleaning solution will maintain the beautiful look. For best results with a pressure washer, clean from the bottom to the top and then rinse from the top down. If the surface is textured, use a soft bristle brush to clean in the grooves. Also, most manufacturers offer a warranty against fading, weathering, and discoloration.


Siding provides a great return on investment. Plastic is very inexpensive compared to wood or brick. There are many options available, allowing for something for every budget. On top of affordability, it is an energy efficient material with excellent insulation, making it much easier to heat and cool your house. This efficiency leads to lower energy bills. The ease of maintenance also chips away at the overall investment price.

Quick Installation

Plastic exteriors are now so common that almost all professional builders and roofers know how to install them. They come with pre-drilled holes for nailing or drilling directly into the studs. This allows for an easy installation for any contractor because alignment is simple, and the materials are lightweight.

Many homeowners may be overwhelmed by the choices when it comes to outside materials, but vinyl siding is an option that provides a beautiful and long-lasting exterior for any home or business.