How to Make a Big Empty Space Feel Like Home

There is nothing worse than a big blank wall space. It looks cold, bleak and extremely boring! To make a wall exciting and vibrant you want exciting patterns, colors, and beautiful artwork. There are a few options you could do.

If you are an arty person, you could paint your own designs onto a wall. You could literally paint anything you wanted! A majestic unicorn fighting of a towering dragon. Or a rowing boat sitting calmly on a crystal clear lake. This is great because it looks amazing, stands out, it’s unique and you can show off your amazing skill.

Plants plants plants. A plant creates a natural ambience to the room. It will connect you to nature, create a green healthy looking space and look great next to an artwork centre piece. I would say an Aloe vera plant is a ‘no brainer.’ It looks stunning but it also has amazing health properties. If you have sunburn or slap cheek then put some of the aloe vera juices on your skin and it will feel noticeably better.

Tapestries. A good quality wall hangings are the fashion now. A nice tapestry will look stunning on a wall. You can get all different sizes; small, medium, large. They can go anywhere you like; any wall, any rooms, ceiling, and even doors. As a bonus, you can even use them as picnic blankets. They are diverse and handy. Not too heavy, so pins will hold them up fine. You can hang them any way you like, such as baggy or tight, depending on what look you are going for. A variety of themes, which are crucial for getting the right ambience for you. Hippy, trippy, animal, nature, scenery, space, bohemian and much much more. check out for some inspiration and then you will see what I’m talking about.

So for my bedroom wall, it was looking a big boring. I had painted it green because that’s my favourite colour. It was still lacking though, so I bought a typical pattern designed tapestry. I put fairy lights all around the tapestry as well, just to make it even more exciting. It made the room feel warm, romantic and my own space. Before, I would always spend my time in the living room and hardly be in the bedroom other than for sleeping. Now I love spending time in my own personal creative space. A space to be alone, reflect and read my books. It is wonderful.

Please comment though, and let me know what you’ve done in your home. I love finding out new nifty and clever ideas for home decorating.