Trends in Contemporary Home & Decorative Laminates in India

In today’s world, houses are not looked at as spaces that merely provide shelter. They are indeed extensions of the persona that occupy and live in them. While convenience and comfort are topmost on people’s minds, they are no longer shying away from experimenting with looks and introducing a fusion of luxury and contemporary styles. India has come a long way, with Architects and Designers today looking at global trends and integrating them with Indian tastes and requirements, like in the case of laminates.

Today decorative laminates play a vital role in the housing industry. They are used to provide the right mix of simplicity, functionality and elegance to modern homes. Usage of laminates can be seen from while entering the house on front doors to spaces inside the homes like wardrobes, cupboards, kitchens etc.

Decisions on the type of laminates chosen for the house need to be based on one of these trends:

  • Comfortable Homes

These are spaces that make the inhabitants feel relaxed and warm. Color and type of laminates chosen for the furniture and decorative panels in such houses can help to create a cozy atmosphere which is conducive for the owners to unwind and reconnect with themselves. Laminates with soft pastel and natural wood tones are ideal for such homes that speak of comfort and functionality.

  • Heritage Influenced Homes

These homes offer a great fusion of the ‘old world’ charm with the contemporary. Lofty ceilings, unique embellishments, colonial style furnishings amalgamated with decorative laminates creatively designed for contemporary table tops, kitchen cabinets and wardrobes appeal to the tastes of good lifestyle connoisseurs.

  • Customized Homes

The unique taste of individuals is the primary basis for planning the style and interiors of such houses. Creativity is used to come up with unique interiors that resonate with the personality of the house owner. Digital laminates with abstract designs and vivid colors and customized prints can be used to give a dash of boldness and youthfulness to such homes.

  • Green Homes

Environment friendly homes are indeed gaining popularity. An increasing number of owners want to have a say in the building material being used at the time of construction. ‘Energy efficient’ and ‘recycled’ material are the buzz words in this industry. Textured laminates with anti-termite and borer-fungus-termites (bft) resistance make wardrobes and shelves stylish and durable. With right care and maintenance, these laminates can last for a very long period of time

  • Smart Homes

Digitization and new age technology innovations have given birth to the concept of smart homes. Technology is embedded in design to make homes responsive to the real-time needs of their inhabitants. From wall paneling to column claddings, a wide range of laminates are available to provide aesthetic appeal to interior surfaces, making them contemporary and suitable for smart homes.

The decorative laminates industry in India has witnessed major breakthrough in style and functionality. Thanks to the constantly changing needs and tastes of customers, this industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Laminates are highly in demand in the contemporary housing space due to their wide application and durability. The variety of colors and textures are available in decorative laminates make them an ideal choice for contemporary homes.