Removing & Installing A Toilet

The first step is always to turn off the water supply. The last thing you want is to get sprayed in the face by dirty sewage water, unless that’s something your into. Whatever floats your boat. To do this, turn off the shutoff valve located on the wall or near the bottom of the toilet.

Next, you must disconnect the supply line. Remove the supply line by unscrewing it. Place a bucket underneath to catch the small amount of water that drips afterwards.

After that, you will need to remove the tank. Take off the head and place somewhere out of the way. Use a wrench to disconnect the tank by loosening the screws located on the bottom of the tank. Lift it straight up and walla! Good to go!

To remove the toilet, loosen the bolt caps found near the base. With a sidekick, rock the bowl back and forth.

Once taken off, there will probably be a lot of debris left. We recommend using a putty knife and a brittle sponge to clean thoroughly in all of the crevices.

Now that’s all done it is time to install your new one. Read on to learn more.

To begin with, insert the bolts near the side of the base. This will keep the bowl in place.

You are now going to want to flip the bowl upside down. Place the ring on the waste horn with the tapered end facing the toilet.

Place the toilet onto the base. Press on the wax ring and rock it back and forth, making sure it is completely secure. You need to press it down firmly to guarantee maximum support.

Once the toilet is secured in place, place bolt caps on the closet bolts so nothing sharp is sticking out. This will keep you from harming yourself.

Now, attach the tank. Slide the bolts through the opening at the bottom. Once fully aligned, begin to drop the tank, then tighten. This process will vary by brand, so each one might be slightly different.

Last but not least, turn on the water supply. Give that new beauty a flush to see how she responds. We hope you didn’t miss a step. If so, go back and check to make sure everything is screwed in properly and sitting in place correctly Congrats! You did it yourself! One of many things all men should learn how to do.