How to Convince Homeowners to Renovate Their Basement

If you have a basement, would you go there alone at night during a full moon on a Halloween night that falls on a Friday the 13? If you do, then you must be a very brave person because most people wouldn’t.

That is because most of the time, basements are used to store junk furniture, old clothes and other items, which already belong to the trash heap. Also, basements are often dark and damp and a favorite breeding ground of rats and cockroaches.

However, if you imagine your basement without the cockroaches and rats and the rotting junks you put in there, you would only see a premium space that you can use as a game room, a media room, a home office, or a new bedroom for one of your kids instead of being wasted. That is why, with just a little prodding, you can convince them to convert their basement into a useful space.

Here is how you do it:

1. Show them the magic.

Most people will find it hard to believe that their basements can become beautiful, livable places. But if you know 3D rendering, you can get a picture of a creepy basement and use 3D rendering to turn it into a digital 5-star room. Then you can show people the before and after photo. This will be like magic in their eyes and they will easily be convinced to make you give their basements a makeover.

2. Show them the savings.

People love savings. Tell them how they can save lots of money and they will be all ears to your suggestions. Converting a basement can indeed save family a lot of money. For example, if they turn their basements into a movie or media room, they will not have to pay a lot to enjoy a movie. A gaming room will keep kids from wasting money on arcade places. If they convert their basements into a drinking lounge, then they save money that they would have to use to pay for transportation.

3. Show them the health benefits.

Rats and cockroaches all love to propagate in the dark, damp atmosphere of basements. There is another thing they love-making people sick. Rats and roaches breed in the basement and grow up to wreak havoc in people’s homes. They enter the house and walk over food, furniture, clothes and other items that children use, leaving behind bacterial and germs. Many people become sick because of roach and rat infestation. By converting the basement, the breeding grounds of these scary animals are gone.

Designing a basement renovation is easy, but convincing homeowners to convert their basement into useful space may need some strategy. Use the tips above to persuade the homeowner to convert the basement into a useful space.