Cutting-Edge Swimming Pool Features And Functions That Every Homeowner Should Consider

Swimming pools are far more than mere holes in the ground that have been tiled over and filled with water. Surprisingly, these structures are incredibly complex and intricate. Moreover, there is a vast range of options, functions and features that people can easily incorporate into their pool designs for increased value, durability and usability. Following are several upgrades for these outdoor water features that are definitely worth considering.

Building Above Ground

For people with less money to spend, there is actually the ability to veer away from traditional designs entirely, in order to have these structures built on top of the ground rather than beneath them. Not only are these projects considerably less costly than traditional installs, but they also make it possible for homeowners to simply sidestep a number of very common challenges. In-ground pools create a vast range of concerns including:

– The need to plan around underground gas lines and sewage piping

– Long-term disruption of existing landscape designs

– Obstructions such as tree roots, weeds and other natural growths and structures

– Alterations in pool shapes and sizes in order to better accommodate the surrounding terrain

Designs that are built on top of the ground rather than deep into the soils can be just as attractive, deep and fun to use as consumers want them to be. Choosing to build your water feature on top of the soil will cut your spending, while still giving you access to an entirely enjoyable structure that performs exactly as you hope. This is an excellent and easy way to cut costs and preserve the current look of an already landscaped backyard are.

Underwater Speakers

Imagine swimming in your pool while hearing the clear sounds of all your favorite tunes. Underwater speakers can instantly create an underwater party. These are ideal for homeowners who do lots of entertaining in their backyards and who love music. These speakers can be connected to your main music system so that no matter where your guests are or how they happen to be enjoying themselves, they can all experience your song selection.

Underwater Lighting Systems

Underwater lights are a critical part of these structures giving that they ensure the safety of swimmers who are active during the nighttime hour. Surprisingly, however, there is a vast range of upgrades in these essentials. You don’t have to choose basic, recessed lighting with a circular shape. Once you have installed all that is necessary for meeting the minimum safety standards, you can start looking at lighting options that are guaranteed to enhance your underwater experiences.

Safety Fences And Privacy Screens

An obvious addition to these spaces is a safety fence. This keeps small children and pets away from the water, so that the risks of drowning are minimised. Privacy screens can also be installed for creating a visually protected, private and truly comfortable environment.

Saltwater Pool Designs

When it comes to maintaining a clean and optimally safe pool, you definitely want to consider the benefits of installing an above ground saltwater swimming pool. These units are not only less costly to install, but they can also be incredibly easier to maintain. Best of all, homeowners can rest assured knowing that their loved ones are being exposed to far fewer chemicals when swimming in these units.