10 Shutter Types That Can Enhance the Complete Look of Your Home

Clerestory in your living room, café style shutters in your kitchen, vinyl in your bathroom – today’s window shutters are very important for every single room in your home.

Architectural detailing that the conventional shutters have, enhance the exterior and interior of your home. Custom made shutter often offers full privacy along with the ability to manipulate individual lovers to down or up position. The shutters can cover any door or window while letting in as little or as much light as required.

The shutters, full with character, are undoubtedly a durable investment, which enhances your house’s resale value. Shutters also lower your energy bills and increase thermal efficiency.

Plantation and Solid are two main types of the shutters. You can also shop these shutters either by the material or by style.

Choose Window Shutters by Material

1. Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl come in custom and standard sizes. They come in a vast range of resistant colors. Vinyl window shutters are low maintenance and long lasting. They are also durable, affordable and it gives a conventional wooden look.

2. Aluminum Shutters

Home owners who are looking for security and extra protection, these aluminum shutters are a great choice. These shutters are alternative and are ridiculously reasonable. They are very durable, low maintenance, and sturdy with the surface which can be powder coated finished in some textured or smooth colors.

3. Wood Shutters

For the true traditionalists, these wooden window shutters make a perfect option. The wood shutters are available in stain-grade Western Cypress and Red Cedar, paint or ready finishing. These long-lasting, classic shutters come in various styles. You can install them in both decorative and operable configurations.

4. Composite Shutters

Do you know how these composite window shutters are made? Well, if you don’t let me tell you. They are made from a material which is assembled and milled just as the wooden product to provide an authentic look. Because of the rugged behaviour of material used, these composite shutters are more durable compared to wood.

Choose Window Shutters By Style

5. Raised Panel

This type of shutter was very popular in the 1800s Southern Architecture. The Raised Panel are best suitable for conventional Colonial homes, manor houses in any area, and quaint craft cottage.

6. Louvered

This shutter is the most popular one among all the exterior shutters. The clean lining style of this shutter makes it go for about any kind of dwelling, starting right from the conventional Colonial to the contemporary Ranch houses.

7. Bahama Shutters

This tropically-inspired shutter is hinged on top and not on sides. These types of shutters are made of a louvered panel which is held out at a particular angle from the bottom. The Bahama look wonderful on seaside homes, despite its architectural design.

8. Flat Panel

This typical Shaker-style is the essence of simplicity. Clean lines on this shutter reflect the conventional Shaker senses of the unity, neatness, and order. The Flat Panel shutters are best for Craftsman homes.

9. Open Board and Batten

Do you know that this rustic shutter was first utilized in the 18th century? It reflects the style of American Frontier. They are best suited for historical rural cottages as well as Tudors and North east brown stones. Open Board and Batten also compliment South western architecture.

10. Closed Board and Batten

Often seen in Spanish-style houses and French Country, Closed Board and batten window were originally styled to give protection against the storms. But, today these shutters are more decorative and less functional, yet they add old-world charm. Isn’t that great?