Why Sash Windows Are Homeowners’ Top Choice

For many homes, windows are among the first attractions. And among the window solutions, sash windows are the top homeowners’ choice. This type of windows is designed to slide vertically and to provide a streamlined, elegant look. It is no wonder that it became popular in earlier times and even today. If you’re keen on maintaining your home’s period look, then this type of window would be an excellent choice.

Sash windows were made of timber, a material that can prove to be quite a challenging option since regular maintenance is required. The best way to get that well-loved design for your home, without the drawbacks that characterised sash windows in the past, would then be to choose its more modern type which is the vertical sliding window made of a material called PVC-u.

PVC-u stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, Un-plasticised. It is an ideal material for use in manufacturing windows and doors since it remains tough when subjected to strong impacts, it can effectively resist weathering, it stands its ground against normal temperatures, it is low maintenance, and it can be recycled because it can be reshaped when exposed to high temperatures. Today’s top window manufacturers recommend this vertical-sliding sash window because of the number of advantage they provide homeowners and commercial property owners as well.

Sash windows are originally intended for period properties but they also make great design features for contemporary home designs as well. They can complement modern home décor nicely and provide a charming and inviting appeal that cheerfully welcomes guests to your home.

Additionally, modern sash windows are made of more technologically advanced materials. They retain their elegant proportions and the sliding panes that make them effective at regulating ventilation in a space. The window panes are designed to tilt inwards, into the house, so that cleaning can be more easily accomplished. They also come with easy-action balance mechanisms and secure locking mechanisms, as well as child safety catches for your greater peace of mind. Heat will not be able to leave the space during colder months, which in turn translates to reduced energy costs. So the windows are not just great options that can help you save money, but they can help promote environment-friendliness as well.

It is no wonder, therefore, that most homeowners choose sash windows for their homes. Even in commercial establishments, sash windows are also now being used especially because they provide aesthetic beauty and are made of quality materials as well.