Window Cleaning – Tinted Windows

One of the main reasons that car owners have the windows tinted is to protect the interior from unwanted glare from the sun and damaging sunrays. This is also the reason that many homeowners tint their windows but the window tinting in this case is protecting the curtains, flooring, furniture, and interior from fading and it helps to conserve energy. For both, the tinting that is used is a thin polyester film that has been coated with an anti-scratch layer. When doing window cleaning on tinted windows that have just been installed make sure that you wait until they are properly cured. For films it is usually three to five days but with tinted windows it can take from twenty to thirty days.

Before you start to doing window cleaning run your fingers over the window to check for any accumulated dirt and dust on the surface. If you notice any you should wash both sides of the window using just water to help get rid of the large particles of dirt that could cause scratches on your window tinting, even with the anti-scratch layer. Make sure that the cleaning solution you use on the windows of your home or car is the right one. You should not use regular window cleaners or anything that could cause the window films to become torn or scratched or cause them to fade. You should also not use any abrasives because these can leave scratch lines that are very unsightly.

Instead of using the harsh brown or white paper towels, scrubbing pads, harsh sponges, or chemical abrasives for window cleaning use fabrics that are extra soft and lint-free. The cleaning solution used should not contain any strong chemicals like bleach or ammonia. The reason is that these chemicals overtime will react with the polyester material and cause blotchiness and fading of the window tinting. This will reduce the aesthetic value and functionality of the window tinting. So when choosing a cleaning solution make sure that you read the labels to make sure that they are free of harsh chemicals.

You can also make your own cleaning solution at home. You will need a clean spray bottle in which you mix regular dish soap and white vinegar in water. It should be one part dish soap and vinegar to three parts water. Spray it on a small area on the outer side of the window. Wipe the area in circular motions to remove the dust and dirt particles and then use another cloth dampened with plain water to remove the soapy remains from the window tinting. Dry the area with a soft dry cloth. Follow this procedure for the west of the window cleaning.